Chubit for Change

Chubit for Change is a new program by Chubit Travel that began in June 2020 and is one of Chubit Travel's first charity program to help the locals of the destinations our travelers visit. We have noticed that many people take home a lot of coins and spare change and are unable to convert it to US Dollars as US Banks do not take coins or notes from some countries. To help combat this issue, Chubit Travel is looking to collect any donations for the unused foreign currency so we can send it back to a local organization of the Country of Origin.

We need the support and participation of our travelers to help feed and improve the lives of those around the world that we visit. Chubit Travel will be working with travelers so they can donate any unused foreign currencies they obtained abroad and are just keeping it in a drawer. Our mission with Chubit for Change is to bring the money back to the countries of origin and put the locals in need first.


Send Us Your Unused Foreign Currency Today

If you are interested in donating your foreign currency to Chubit Travel, you can by mailing your donation to the following address or bringing it directly to our office. Be sure to include your name so we know who to give thanks to! As this is not for profit, we will not be able to reimburse any shipping or transportation expenses. For more details please see the Q&A below.

Chubit Travel
ATTN: Chubit for Change
26 Broadway, 8th Floor
New York, NY, 10004

We will acknowledge your donation when sending the currency to the local organizations. If you wish to remain anonymous, please advise us with your donation.

Sponsor shipping for your Unused Foreign Currency

Shipping costs are very high as coins are heavy and require packing. If you wish to support Chubit for Change, you can help sponsor our shipping for your unused foreign currency. To sponsor shipping for your Foreign Currency, please email We do not have any minimum requirements, however we guarantee all monies donated for shipping will only be used for shipping. Chubit Travel will be able to provide receipts upon request.

Donate Your Chubit Travel Vouchers

Travelers who have a Travel Voucher with Chubit Travel can donate their Travel Vouchers to support Chubit Travel's Chubit for Change. All donated vouchers will be applied to shipping costs for Chubit for Change. For more details please contact your travel consultant.


As travelers of the world we love to travel but many times we come home and we end up with a lot of coins or foreign notes that we forgot to convert. Our travel consultants have heard many people were just keeping them in a box and many times they end up in landfills. We wanted to create a non-profit way where all change collected is returned to their country of origin for a good cause so we here at Chubit Travel created the program Chubit for Change. Here is a breakdown of our process

The Process

  • Travelers send their unused coins and/or foreign notes to Chubit Travel
  • We collect and sort the coins and foreign notes by country of origin
  • At the end of each year before Christmas, we will send the currency to a local rep or charity in the country of origin
  • The currency will then be used by the local charity to handle any distribution to the locals

Commonly Asked Questions

Q: I have a lot of extra change, do I need to sort it or can I just send it to Chubit Travel for Chubit for Change?
A: If you have a lot of change, we recommend taking a United States Postal Service Flat Rate exchange box and just shipping it all in one bulk to us. We will handle all of the sorting for you

Q: I have notes and coins, do you take both types of currencies?
A: Yes, we will be able to accept all currency including notes and coins.

Q: Will Chubit Travel reimburse me for shipping costs?
A: Sorry, this is a non-profit program and we will only be collecting coins that are donated to us via donation as we will be footing the bill for sending the currency to their final destinations which can become costly as it is international shipping.

Q: Will I have the ability to choose where my money goes to?
A: Due to the many donations we are expected to receive, it is not viable for us to offer the ability for our donors to choose the organization or charity the currency will go to. Chubit Travel will ship the currency to the country of origin and select a local rep or organization where a rep is not available. For more details see the next question.

Q: Why would you send the currency to your local reps and not a registered non-profit organization?
A: Chubit Travel works with many amazing local guides and reps who know where the money will best be utilized. Our reps will be able to do this without taking a percentage. Most non-profit organizations take a percentage for administrative fees that can be up to 40%. By utilizing local reps where possible that Chubit Travel utlizes, we have the ability to send the money directly to those in need.

Q: What will the donated currency go towards?
A: All donated foreign currency will go towards children in need or to help those with limited access to food and water.

Q: Is there a minimum for Chubit Travel to ship the currency?
A: Because of the cost of securely international shipping and customs, it is not efficient for us to ship the currency until it hits a minimum. The minimum threshold we have set for each destination is $250 USD equivalent in value. Once the minimum has been achieved, on December 1 of each fiscal year, we will send the currency to our local reps.

Q: Is there a way for me to keep track of donations?
A: We will be creating a system of live tracking as we proceed and you will be able to see all your donations and upcoming donations to see when we expect to hit the target goal.

Q: Does Chubit Travel make any profit with Chubit for Change?
A: Chubit Travel does not make any profit and 100% of all currency donated is sorted and shipped directly to the country of origin when threshold minimum is met. Chubit Travel will also be footing the bill for all international shipping charges unless we received donations for the shipping charges from our donors as explained under "How you can get involved".

Q: I have more questions, who do I contact?
A: For answers to any additional questions, please email